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What is a Wine Jumper?

A Wine Jumper is YOU if you like great wines, rare wines, wines with food, wines with stories and if you like to pay less for great wine.

No strings attached – no fees, no subscriptions, and no minimum amount of wines you need to buy. WineJump is all wine and no nonsense.


Shop directly at cellar door from a great number of wine estates in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. More wines estates are joining our community every week and soon WineJump will offer access to cellar doors also in Austria, Greece and Portugal.

FREE SHIPPING included in cases of 6 bottles, mix and match from the same estate.


With WineJump you change the way you buy wine – and you change how much you pay for it, too.

When shopping directly from wine estate cellar door you save all the middlemen costs and margins that are otherwise always added as a wine travels from the winemaker at the cellar door and your glass.

Beyond saving, with WineJump boutique wine estates get unprecedented access to present their passion directly to wine lovers across Europe. As a Wine Jumper your benefit with access to rare wines that are otherwise hard-to-impossible to find near you.

Be a Wine Jumper and stay updated with additional benefits such as My Kind of Wine (advanced search option), Wine & Food Pairing Tips, News and as we continue to add benefits for wine-loving Jumpers.

Please spread the word to fellow wine lovers. Cheers!

Be a Wine Jumper

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