In 1989 Jean-Paul Henriques by crush for this site and his extraordinary panorama decides to purchase the domain and to rehabilitate the place by transplanting of the vineyard and by renewing the old buildings.

In 1998 his son Cyril takes up the torch. In synergy they work on the coherence of the various countries and the vines ensuring that each wine its own expression.

In 2017 her daughter Laura joins them both.

​The love of the land, passion of wine, expertise and rigor, investments followed the oenological help shape a range of exceptional wines.

A wealth of Roussillon lies in its range of soils. 

 Adjoined on the foothills of the Hermitage of Força Réal above Millas, the vineyard covers 70 hectares from 100 to 450m above sea level. It enjoys typical mountain Força Réal schist slopes and limestone soil and clay and clay-rocky terraces. 

 Capped by the winds of the Mediterranean, with a east facing - West which provides almost unlimited sunshine, this unique terroir gives its typical taste to Força Réal's wines.

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